7 Videos: Golden Retrievers Who Love Doing Chores

Anyone who has a Golden Retriever can tell you how loving, loyal, and smart they are. But some Golden Retrievers go above and beyond the call of duty.

Sure, they were bred to help hunters retrieve waterfowl, but the average home isn’t full of ducks.

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The pups in these videos have found other ways to make themselves useful by taking on household chores! Here are seven Golden Retrievers who love helping around the home.

1. Putting The Toys Away

Every kid has to learn to put the toys away at some point, but this dog can do it way better than most human children.

Grace manages to track down all of her toys, put them back in the toy box, and shut the lid. To her, it seems like a really fun game.

Sometimes cleaning up after playtime can be just as entertaining.

2. Bringing In The Groceries

Grocery shopping is exhausting enough, but lugging all those bags and boxes from the car to the house is a whole other chore. But when there’s a herd of Golden Retrievers to have your back, this task is a breeze.

The dogs in the video above are happy to lend a helping hand and keep hurrying back for more stuff to bring inside. Those are some helpful hounds!

3. Cleaning The Dishes

Having a dishwasher is great, but machines don’t always remove that tough stuff that’s firmly stuck on. A backup pup with a willing tongue can take care of any yummy grease that’s still left on those plates.

This Golden Retriever is ready and willing to take on the job of making sure the dishes get the extra cleaning they need.

4. Bringing In The Mail

Heading to the mailbox isn’t exactly a hard thing to do. But why bother walking all the way to the end of the driveway when you can have the mail delivered right to your hand via Golden Retriever Express?

This sweet senior pooch goes out to greet the mailman every day and gets a nice cookie for bringing in the mail as a reward.

5. Gardening

Digging holes is a huge part of making a garden, and beauty doesn’t come easy in the world of horticulture. It can, however, come easier with a Golden Retriever to put her paws to use.

Faith is happy to help her human by joining in on the digging effort, sending dirt flying. Hopefully she’ll stop once the flowers are planted.

6. Taking Out The Garbage

Hauling stinky garbage to the curb isn’t fun for anyone, unless you’re a Golden Retriever where the stinkier something is, the better.

Gus is glad to scoop a bag of trash up in his mouth and carry it down the driveway.

He gets a scratch on the neck as a reward, and if his wagging tail is any indication, he’s very happy with that.

7. Making The Bed

Humans like things orderly and neat, but this Golden Retriever knows that comfort is key.

Brady is more than willing to undo all the hard work his human put into making the bed look nice. He forms the blankets and sheets into a comfy nest and even tests it out to make sure it’s just right.

Surely his human will be thrilled to find the bed in a much cozier state.

Do you have a Golden Retriever who likes to do chores? How does your Golden help you out? Let us know in the comments below!

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