A compassionate Golden Retriever goes out for a walk and returns with a stray kitten he just rescued, showcasing the innate compassion and protective nature of dogs.

Despite what most of us think, watching this sweet video will definitely change the way we look at dogs and cats. Because, when it comes to caring for those in need, dogs are indeed a kind and caring animal.

The men’s best friend can easily be called everyone’s best friend, including cats. While we have been witnessed to countless acts of kindness between dogs and cats, ever time a brand new of such a heartwarming footage air, steals out hearts. This time is a gentle Golden Retriever and a stray kitten he saved, that won everyone’s heart.

He went outside with his owner, just outside a city, when he saw a kitten struggling. Instead of ignoring him and letting him be, the generous dog grabbed the helpless creature in his mouth and carried him to his owner. The owner of the dog was waiting for him at the car, and they searched for the kitten’s family, but there were no signs of them and his condition clearly indicated that he’d been abandoned.

So the owner jumped in the car and drove home as the starving kitten was in a desperate need of help. Once they got home, the man hand fed the tiny creature and things started to look better for him. Surprisingly all this time, the dog stayed right there by the kitten’s side. The dog felt something’s wrong with that little cat and his instincts kicked in and offered all the comfort and the love to the kitten.

Once the kitten regained his strength, the Golden Retriever carried him everywhere. The two became inseparable buddies. “Their bond is incredible,” Viral Paws caption the video. “It shows us that animals of all colors shapes and sizes can get along just fine – a lesson that we’ll do well to learn also!”

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