A Dalmatian rescues an abandoned puppy in the middle of nowhere and decides to make him a permanent part of the family.

Earlier this month, Rey Caquias and his dog, Thiago, headed out for a walk near their home in Puerto Rico. What the happy duo didn’t know at the time was that they’d finish the walk as a trio.

But thanks to Thiago, that’s exactly what they did.


Part way through their walk, Caquias noticed Thiago seemed distracted by something just off the path. Despite Caquias urging him to carry on, Thiago seemed insistent on getting a better look.

“He ​​took a detour into the forest. I started calling him, but he ignored me,” Caquias told The Dodo. “That’s when I heard a small bark. Then I looked closely and saw a very scared little puppy.”

Dog finds abandoned puppy in Puerto Rico

The puppy, believed to have been abandoned there, was thin and frightened, not likely to have survived much longer on his own. But thanks to Thiago, help had arrived.

Caquias decided to rescue the puppy, who initially bit him out of fear. But after finding a box to transport him in, he managed to carry the little dog safely home.

Here’s a video Caquias took of the heartwarming rescue:

Caquias bathed and fed the puppy, and then brought him to the vet for a checkup.

All along the way, the little dog’s hero, Thiago, never left his side.


In just a few short days, the puppy who was once on the brink of death was now much stronger and healthier — both inside and out.


“I’ve grown very fond of him,” Caquias said.

And clearly Thiago has, too.


“They get along very well!” Caquias said.

In the end, Thiago did more than just save the puppy’s life. He changed it for the better, too.


Exactly how that little puppy ended up all alone in that spot is anyone’s guess — but there’s no doubt that Thiago had discovered him just in time.

“I’m thankful for him,” Caquias said. “Thiago is a very kind dog. I would never have seen the puppy if he didn’t find him. My reaction was one of joy and a lot of pride.”

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