A dog, nearly turning into a “statue,” is saved just in the nick of time.

Animal rescues have been known to pull off miracles – and this lucky dog was recently changed back from stone.

Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue group in India, found a heartbroken pup in the rusty frame of a broken down truck. Hopeless and alone, she had completely given up and was curled up sadly on the dusty back seat.

She was suffering from advanced mange, and her painful skin had turned “hard as stone,” the team said in a video posted to YouTube. “She looked like a barnacle, like a mummy discovered after a thousand years,” the group wrote.

While most street dogs flee when rescuers try to approach them, this tired girl, whom they later named Alice, didn’t even look up. She was emaciated and exhausted, and her only movement was to flick away the flies who were buzzing around her broken body.

“She seemed to be in a kind of delirium,” the team said.

It was only when they offered her a biscuit that she lifted up her tired head – and a shocking cloud of flies flew off her.

When they felt she seemed comfortable, the Animal Aid Unlimited team climbed into the truck and sat beside her, gently feeding her biscuits as she eagerly reached out for more. Though she had been through so much, she sweetly welcomed her rescuers, even accepting some gentle pets on her painful skin.

Unfortunately, she was still afraid. When they tried to pick her up she lashed out in fear, but they wrapped her up in a soft blanket and carried her away to safety.

At the shelter, Alice curled up in fear as she ignored rescuers. But they stayed by her side, gently applying medicated lotion to help heal her hardened skin – and her broken heart.

Finally she stood up, and though her eyes were still full of fear, she let a worker gently bathe her and apply more medicine to her back.

A few days later, she was still cowering, but she was beginning to look like herself. Her skin was nearly smooth, and she seemed to welcome her rescuer’s gentle care.

Six weeks later, Alice was unrecognizable. A clip shows a sweet-faced golden dog covered in new fuzz, gently gazing into the camera and wagging her tail as she plays with the rescue team. Her eyes are still heavy, but she’s well on her way to the life she deserves.

Each year Animal Aid Unlimited rescues hundreds of animals with stories just as sad as this one. Like Alice, many of them are street dogs who live happy, healthy lives outdoors until they develop a medical condition that needs human intervention – and Animal Aid Unlimited is often their only hope.

To help support the work of Animal Aid Unlimited, and give these animals a much-needed second chance, you can make a donation here.

Watch the full video below:

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