A mother helps her 15-year-old dog celebrate her birthday in style, showering her with love and special treats, cherishing every moment together.

Daisy the Chihuahua has actually been a huge part of her family’s lives for about a years and a fifty percent, so when it came time for her 15th birthday, her mother, Tracy Nguyen, decided to help her celebrate the special day in style!

Tracy Nguyen/Instagram

They decorated the house and invited every one of their family and friends. And what type of birthday celebration would it be without a cake? But Mom took it a step further and obtained a cake that looked just like Daisy!

The proud dog posed beside the work of art for some adorable pictures to commemorate the event forever.

Daisy appeared so happy that she was identified on her birthday, and the party was a huge success! Here’s to many more for the sweet puppy and caring family.

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