A woman is expecting a baby, and her dog already adores the baby sister who hasn’t been born yet.

We really don’t give dogs enough ᴇᴍᴏᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ ᴄʀᴇᴅɪᴛ. There seems to be this understanding in society that animals aren’t as emotionally evolved as humans, and can’t understand or feel things the same way we do, but that’s simply not true. Anyone who’s ever had a pet knows fine well just how emotionally in-tune our pets are. Not just with us, but with the world around us.

One dog owner, who was expecting a baby, ended up capturing on video something incredibly sweet. It was a video of her dog Penelope ᴄᴜᴅᴅʟɪɴɢ with her baby ʙᴜᴍᴘ. Thee little dog was clearly aware in the video that her owner was ᴘʀᴇɢɴᴀɴᴛ and carrying another ʟɪꜰᴇ inside her. Penelope’s sister is very lucky. She hasn’t even been ʙᴏʀɴ yet and she’s already deeply loved by her ꜰᴜʀʀʏ sɪʙʟɪɴɢ.


Penelope lives with her pet mom Juliana and her family. Bʀᴀᴢɪʟɪᴀɴ-based Juliana, who was 34 weeks ᴘʀᴇɢɴᴀɴᴛ at the time, got emotional as she witnessed just how aware her dog was of the ᴘʀᴇɢɴᴀɴᴄʏ, and how incredibly excited she seemed to be at the prospect of another family member. Ever since Penelope figured that out, she’s been acting extra affectionate.


Juliana even managed to capture an adorable video of Penelope trying to sɴᴜɢɢʟᴇ with the ᴜɴʙᴏʀɴ baby by ᴄᴜᴅᴅʟɪɴɢ up against her belly. In the video, little Penelope was quite gentle in the manner of how she placed her paw, then her ʜᴇᴀᴅ, on Juliana’s sᴛᴏᴍᴀᴄʜ. It was as if the little dog wanted to get close to the baby inside. Undoubtedly, she could probably hear the second ʜᴇᴀʀᴛʙᴇᴀᴛ inside. Penelope spent her time ᴄᴜᴅᴅʟɪɴɢ the ʙᴜᴍᴘ. Needless to say, when the internet first witnessed the video, it went viral. She already loves her ᴜɴʙᴏʀɴ sister so much that she tries to cuddle her through her mom’s belly! She just can’t wait to be a big sis.

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