Chained there for 8 years, surrounded by her waste, she longs for a chance to live, a heartbreaking tale of neglect and longing for freedom.

The neighbor phoned me and stated her dog next door needed help, she didn’t remember him after many years of meeting her again.

When we came, we unexpectedly encountered the dog Gina, she was skinny and her eyes were on us eager to take her away. She was extremely weary and drained. Her ears hurt so terribly that her mouth couldn’t open.

She had a new name. After a Gina MRI scan, a tumor was identified in her middle ear and living conditions to acquire her cancer aspiration.

“My heart is torn in a thousand pieces meanwhile, physicians will arrange therapy for her. Sometimes I wonder if she still loved people so much after all that happened to her.”

After a biopsy I obtained the findings of her tumor and tragically the tumor was malignant the injection did not help since it had metastasized “She shed 1kg compared to previously. And I resolved to save her at any costs. She will have surgery in the next several days.”

She had chemotherapy every 3 weeks. She gained weight and her resistance grew improved.

“4 months later Gina still by my side is definitely a miracle. I wanted to offer her a lot of joy and happiness. I don’t know what future will bring but we love every time we spend together.”

One day this dog will be a healthy dog. She will enjoy long joyful days. Let’s wait until the day.

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