Deaf, blind, and drenched in oil, the unfortunate dog waits helplessly, presenting a tragic scene that calls for immediate assistance and compassion.

A helpless little dog coated in hot tar and immobile in the center of the street was discovered on a scorching day.

The Goodwill Animal Rescue Program’s (GWARP) careful effort allowed the puppy to be rescued in time.

The dog was in awful shape, and intoxication was starting to take hold. The BETI clinic personnel continued to work with the puppy in defiance of its dire state.

The tiny dog began to show symptoms of recovery after several days of nonstop labor and care. To remove the oil from his body and restore his health, the dedicated doctors, nurses, and employees labored nonstop.

We are happy to report that the dog, who has since been given the name Murphy, is doing wonderfully well. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the BETI clinic personnel, whose attention to detail and sympathy gave this tiny dog a second shot at life.



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