Dog Groomer Opens Shop In The Middle Of The Night To Give Stray Dog Haircut, Uncovers Real Beauty Beneath Matted Fur

A couple was driving late one night near Oviedo, Florida when they noticed a stray dog on the side of the road. He was covered in matted fur, he was barely responsive, and had clearly been neglected for most of the 4 years he had been alive. Unable to keep him overnight, the couple put out a desperate plea on social media – a plea which was answered by dog grooming professional Kari Falla.

“When a dog’s fur is matted that badly, it can cause its blood flow to stop as well as bruising to the dog,” Falla told Inside Edition. The poor abandoned animal needed urgent care, so Falla rushed to her salon, BGE Grooming, and opened for business at midnight to take him in. “I knew it was bad, but nothing prepared me for what I saw. It smelled like death and the dog could not walk.” Working tirelessly until 3 in the morning, Falla managed an awesome dog makeover – fully shaved and bathed him, and then took him to the vet as soon as she could.

Lucky, as the adorable dog is now named, was found to be deaf and blind, but is recovering successfully in a foster home. To follow Lucky’s progress, and to be the first to know when he’s ready for a forever home, follow BGE Grooming on Facebook using the link below.


This stray dog was found on the side of a road in Oviedo, Florida, so matted and exhuasted that he couldn’t walk

Kari Falla of BGE Grooming immediately came to help, opening her salon at midnight to take Lucky in

“I knew it was bad, but nothing prepared me for what I saw…” Falla later commented. “It made me cry”

Falla performed an ’emergency grooming,’ working tirelessly until 3AM to relieve Lucky of his suffering

And something amazing happened

There was a whole new dog underneath the matted mess

After his makeover, Lucky was given what may have been the very first bath of his life

He was then taken to the vet, where he was neutered, and found to be both deaf and blind


Despite his ordeal, Lucky is making a stunning recovery in a loving foster home

Soon, he’ll be ready to find his forever home

“Once we shaved him, he was wagging his tail and was so happy. I knew I did the right thing”

The Internet is now giving this amazing lady a standing ovation for her selfless actions

Follow BGE Grooming on Facebook to stay updated on Lucky’s progress!

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