Guardiola Praises Haaland’s Unstoppable Performance and Record-Breaking Feats in the Champions League

Man City just won 3-1 away from home against Young Boys in the third match of the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League group stage.

This victory helps the British representative move closer to a ticket to the knockout round, when Pep Guardiola’s team won all three first matches, with 9 absolute points.

Man City has also officially reached the milestone of 16 consecutive unbeaten matches in the European Cup arena, destroying the great achievement they have achieved in the past.

In addition, Erling Haaland fired back with a double goal, promptly relieving the home crowd of great pressure that was weighing on his shoulders, when the Manchester derby was very close.

It can be seen that the victory over Young Boys was extremely satisfying, because Man City seemed to have achieved everything necessary after this match. Pep Guardiola appeared very happy, especially in the post-match interview.

Manchester Evening News quoted the Spanish coach: “Even now I still feel like we are there. I admire my players, the way they face every match and tournament.”

“I see the players are humble enough and forget that they just won the treble last season, we are the defending champions, everyone plays their best, it’s great.”

“I’m satisfied with this victory, Haaland is also great, he will score goals for the rest of his life, sometimes stopping for a bit to gain momentum is good, it’s not anything too serious.”

Man City is gradually returning after unexpectedly losing 3 consecutive matches, Pep Guardiola and his team seem to be ready for a big battle with Man United this weekend.

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