Heartbreaking Loyalty: Abandoned Dog in New York Woods Sits on Owner’s Shirt, Awaiting His Return.

Lily is a sweet brown dog who is around two years old. The tiny pooch weighed only 13 pounds, and she could have weighed even less. This is because the faithful pup’s owner abandoned him in the woods of New York, leaving her there for several weeks without food.

When a kind woman discovered Lily, she was sitting on a blue shirt that had most likely belonged to his owner. There was also a small crate nearby. Her father must have left the shirt there to keep her calm and prevent her from following him as he left. Lily, being the good dog that she is, remained exactly where she was.

Taken out of the woods
At first, the woman who discovered the dog was at a loss for what to do. She couldn’t take the dog home, so she came back every now and then to give her some food and water. After discussing it with her family and friends, they were able to contact a charity organization called Animal Lighthouse Rescue.

The New York-based organization gladly agreed to send rescuers to retrieve the stray dog. Lily was still lying on top of the blue shirt when the rescuers arrived. Her faith was unwavering, and she was still waiting for her family to return.

Awaiting a new family
The rescuers returned Lily to their facility, where she was thoroughly examined by a veterinarian. Fortunately, her time as a homeless dog had no negative effects on her health. But, given what she had been through, the dog was understandably fearful. She was perplexed by her new situation.


The shelter staff is now looking for a new home for her, and they are confident that once she has settled in, she will return to her happy self. They know the dog would be a great addition to any family because she is very loyal.

Update: After all Lily found her forever family and she live her best moment with her new mom

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