Heartwarming Tale: Dog About to Be Adopted Insists on Bringing Her Best Friend Along.

Lucy and Sully arrived at the shelter around the same time and became inseparable as soon as they met. When someone arrived to adopt Lucy after seeing her photo on the internet, the two dogs made it clear that it had to be both of them or neither of them.

Lucy and Sully both have relatively unknown backstories. Lucy was a stray who ended up at the shelter, while Sully was adopted once and then returned. However, something about each dog brought them together, and Lucy became like a mother to Sully. When he arrived at the shelter, he was just a puppy, and Lucy was a few years older.

After losing her senior dog, Alaina Brinton chose to bring a new puppy into her home a few months later. When she learned about Lucy, she felt she’d be the ideal match.

“I saw a picture of Lucy at my local humane society and just had to meet her,” Brinton explained to The Dodo. “When I called, they said she’d been fostered with another dog and that they’d like me to meet her buddy as well.” I figured there was no harm in watching both.”

Brinton hadn’t intended to adopt two dogs, but after seeing how inseparable the pair was, she realised if she wanted one, she had to take the other as well. Fortunately, she fell in love with both dogs right away, so the decision to adopt them both was simple.

“I fell in love right away,” Brinton confessed. “Besides, it was clear that Sully was looking to Lucy to show him what was and wasn’t okay, and I wouldn’t have had the heart to separate them.”

Brinton realised just how important each dog was to the other as soon as the dogs arrived in their new home. Sully and Lucy were both scared about moving into their new home, but in different ways, and one was able to show the other that what they were worried about wasn’t so awful.

“They fed off of each other’s growing comfort in the same way they fed off of each other’s excitement,” Brinton explained. “They figured out the new routine like a team and settled in together.” It was ideal, and I believe it made the transition lot simpler for each of them because of the other’s company.”

Lucy and Sully are still great friends seven years later, and they do just about everything together. They sleep, play and lounge around the house and yard together. You can be confident that wherever one is, the other is never far away.

“They’re going to be buddies forever,” Brinton added. “Any time they’re settling in together, Lucy will give Sully a couple of licks on his forehead, and he just looks like he’s so pleased,” the woman said.

Sully is considerably more energetic than Lucy because he is bigger and a little younger, and he needs more time to move around and investigate the world. Even when Sully is out and about, he always makes sure Lucy is safe and is waiting for him.

“Even when he’s roaming around the dog park, Sully will come back and check on Lucy every couple of minutes or so,” Brinton explained. “He says hello, walks with her for a few moments, and then he’s gone.” “She doesn’t appear to mind.”

Lucy and Sully provided comfort to each other in the shelter all those years ago, and they assisted each other through difficult times. They’re still as close as ever and go through life together.

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