Her constant yowling earned disapproval from neighbors, yet it turned out to be a lifesaving call for her expectant offspring.

She had been without water or food for days, being kept hostage by her supposed guardian. She was screaming so loudly for aid that she got the neighbors’ attention and they reported it.

With backup from local police In , APAI Belém ( an organization of independent defenders, responsible for a shelter with, now, approximately 30 dogs and cats situated in Belém, Pará ) were then able to receive her, after years of cruelty and emaciated, she was ready for first general health check after having thorough shower.

The first thing they did was removing the ticks on hear ears. After that she was put in a separate recovery room. Vet also ran an improved blood test for her pregnancy.

She is getting all the care and love, she underwent an assessment and is still in recovery she underwent a fresh medical exam. The vet also determined she’s pregnant as well. She has no serious health condition, yet giving delivery it’s challenging.

The following day, they brought her for another vaccine dose and performed X-ray check for her impending kids, the adorable girl has gained 1.400 gram and improves every day.

Few days later, she got more friendly with human, she behaved brilliantly, very sweet.

Nearly ready for giving birth and since she was so underweight, Vets had to carry her to hospital just in case there is any particular requirement during her delivery. Luckily everything went smoothly, she gave birth to 3 pups.

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