I found a frightened dog who has no trust in people and appears to be very despondent.

Kariola got the chance to rescue a fearful puppy from the side of the road last year. He was shocked to see the unhappy dog when he came upon it. He was reduced to a skeleton after being abandoned and starved for several days.

We feel that anyone who did not provide a helping hand to this sad dog must have heart of stone. But, thankfully, a beautiful guy with a big heart came to his rescue, adopted the dog, and raised him.

He was, however, scared of everyone due to traumatic occurrences throughout his childhood. He remained scared and skeptical of people even after being taken to a safe area. Kariola tried to bathe him to get rid of the dirt and filth on his body.

He then kissed and hugged the dog to reassure and comfort him. The dog began to trust the man once he began kissing his snout.

The dog was given food to eat and a comfy place to sleep after being bathed. After all, he emerges from his shell and displays his endearing nature. He now has the lovely home and wonderful family that he so well deserves.

We don’t understand why people are so harsh to the animals they obtain and abandon them. No dog should be forced to suffer in this manner. Thank you to the current nice person for rescuing this beautiful puppy. As a result, he’s priceless. God bless you as you complete this outstanding task. As a result, we have a predisposition to wish him happiness and love.

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