Our latest rescue: Tootsie Pop and her 6 puppies found in a near-collapsed house. She’s a protective mother, and you won’t believe what happens when we return to the shelter!

You only get one chance to create a good first impression, according to an old saying. But that opportunity never came to this dog, who was surviving on her own and living in filth. She seemed aggressive when we first met her, but she was quite entitled to be. She was defending what was most important to her.

When Stray Rescue of St. Louis volunteers arrived on the scene, they were met by a fearsome female dog who would not cease growling. Then, when the rescuers listened carefully, they heard tiny newborn puppies crying. So that’s why she’s so aggressive. She has a good cause to be defensive about. She has little souls to look after.

Even though Mama was aggressive, the rescuers refused to be frightened. The family’s safety was their responsibility, they had to keep in mind. They thus constructed a large humane trap and baited it with food.

Mama initially disapproved of this and began snarling louder and louder as the rescuers drew nearer to her young.

One of the rescuers grabbed one of her pups. Mama followed her and walked straight into the trap after seeing that. The volunteer then placed puppy #1 in a soft bag. It was now time to get the rest of the litter. They were huddled in a corner, sleeping. One by one, the rescuer rescued them. There were six pups in total.

The instant Mama was unloaded from the truck and saw her babies again, her entire demeanor changed. It appeared as though she knew exactly what was going on. You know, dogs are pretty intelligent.

Mama had scars on her face. Possibly from dog fights. She was so happy to be put back with her babies in a comfy spot. So much better than that horrible place they were living!

She kissed and sniffed each dog individually. Time for a much-needed snooze was now.

Rescue efforts like this one require all of our help. Let’s congratulate them on all of their work and subscribe to their YouTube channel! Information on how to apply to adopt a pet and donate to their cause may be found in the video’s description.

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