Photo gallery: Photos showing off how much Messi loves his wife, proving that the ɾumσɾs are not true

Tσ Ԁιsρlаy Һιs Cσρа Amеɾιcа CҺаmρισsҺιρ mеԀаl, MESSI SMILES cσɡɾаtulаtσɾιly cаlls Һιs wιfе.

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Copa America Final: Lionel Messi Shares Emotional Winning Moments With  Family On Video Call From Ground. Watch | Football News

Mеssι, sρσɾtιɡ а еσɾmσus smιlе, ριcƙеԀ uρ tҺе ρҺσе tσ cσtаct Һιs wιfе аs sσσ аs Aɾɡеtιа wσ tҺе Cσρа Amеɾιcа.

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Argentina defeated Brazil 1-0 in the Copa America final thanks to a single goal from Di Maria. Since 1993, there has never been a Copa America championship.

Messi shares winning moments with family over a video call after defeating  Brazil in Copa America final: WATCH | Football News - Hindustan Times

This championship means a lot to Messi alone. It was El Pulga’s first significant victory with Argentina. Superstar number 10 has already lost in the 2007–2015, 2007–2016, and 2014 World Cup finals.

Messi appeared “liberated” following ten years of yearning for his first Argentina team championship. After the game, Messi’s tears had stopped, and now he was grinning.

The Argentine superstar showed off the priceless medal to his wife and kids on Facetime as soon as he picked up his phone after winning the award. The paparazzi caught Messi in a joyous moment, resulting in an amazing picture.

Following that, Messi’s spouse shared a facetime picture of the two of them on her own page. Antonella Roccuzzo was unable to travel to Brazil to support her husband in the most significant Copa America game due to the outbreak. She continued to support her husband via the TV screen, nevertheless, by donning the Argentina team shirt.

For Messi, this is a really fantastic tournament. The 1987-born striker gave the Argentina squad four goals and five assists. It made it possible for him to win the Copa America 2021 Best Player title.

Messi had praised him, Di Maria disclosed in the Argentine newspaper Ole. “Messi thanked me,” he revealed. I gave him my gratitude. The championship win with Messi will always remain in my memory. After numerous setbacks, Messi said that we could eventually succeed. In the past, we were defeated. We came here to take home the title, and we succeeded.”

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