Ronaldo’s model girlfriend flashes a massive diamond ring on her ring finger while they are out to dinner. Is a wedding imminent?

When Georgina and Ronaldo relocate to Saudi Arabia, they are living the life of their dreams.

Last weekend, Georgina and Ronaldo went “on the streets” to make the most of her free time. The owner claims that the couple dined at a posh restaurant after shopping at a Saudi Arabian fashion store. The 29-year-old beauty dazzled the crowd by “flexing” pricey jewelry that was on her left hand.

Đi ăn cùng Ronaldo, bạn gái người mẫu "flex" nhẫn kim cương khổng lồ ở ngón áp út, liệu sắp có đám cưới? - Ảnh 1.

She has worn two bracelets and an expensive watch covered in gems to some events in the past. The three distinct rings, though, are the focal point. The enormous diamond ring that has appeared on the ring finger is unavoidable. Georgina appears to have two rings on her ring finger based on the shared photo.

Đi ăn cùng Ronaldo, bạn gái người mẫu "flex" nhẫn kim cương khổng lồ ở ngón áp út, liệu sắp có đám cưới? - Ảnh 2.

Information about Ronaldo asking Georgina to marry him was sparked by this. Nonetheless, there is little chance that the couple will get married anytime soon. The Georgian has previously worn a ring on her ring finger numerous times. Furthermore, Ronaldo is not considering getting married right now.

Going out to eat with Ronaldo, his "flex" model girlfriend;  Huge diamond ring on ring finger, is there going to be a wedding?  - Photo 3.

On the last day of 2022, Ronaldo relocated to Saudi Arabia to play for Al Nassr. Georgina, his girlfriend, and her kids also followed the Portuguese celebrity. Even though he is not playing at the highest level of football, Ronaldo can be content with his pay and new surroundings. According to Saudi Arabian media, CR7 intends to play here until 2026 and has extended its contract with Al Nassr for an additional two years.

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