Speechless LeBron James after Savannah’s MVP Performance, Followed by a Collab with Erling Haaland: The King Recognizes the Queen!

LeBron James and yet another investment—a stale story now. With Father Time in the near future, LeBron James is investing in too many ventures. Probably because retirement seems a bit daunting.

A new launch by Dre, a headphones brand, with an enchanting 60-second clip, ‘The King and the Viking’ promo is narrated by the wife of the Lakers superstar. Along with ‘King James’ being a stakeholder, Norwegian footballer Erling Haaland is unveiled as its latest ambassador.

The plot behind the story displays an unquenched thirst for breaking more records, registering better scores, and going that extra leap to score another goal. The story is about ‘GRIT’ to stay in the game and explore the limits of two different worlds.

After the praise all over the internet, the 33-year-old shared a post of his wife, Savannah James, wearing the headphones and flaunting them. King James took no time to put it on Instagram and give her a shout-out, saying, “MVP of the whole spot. Killed it.” 

Well, the face of the Lakers seems impressed; however, it is also surrounded by speculations about the first regular-season game. What’s bound to happen?

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