Stray Mother dog runs asking for help for her 16 puppies in danger

The pups came from three different litters, so Dolly was taking care of puppies that weren’t even hers. Still, the brave mom made sure everyone had shelter and food.

Mitzi Brogdon , who works as president and director of the animal rescue company Street Dog Rescue & Recovery , was driving down the road when she observed a brown-furred dog by the side who looked to be calling for help “with an imploring expression.”

He felt he had to help her, so he parked nearby and went to the dog, whom he called Dolly. Mitzi told The Dodo that as soon as he noticed her, he instantly approached her and sought for love. Yet, he immediately recognized that he needed more than simply caresses.

“She started going down the road to the cell tower and I followed her. That’s when I noticed all the pups come out from behind this fallen log ,” Brogdon recalled. This is how, little by little, 16 small ones began to come out of their hiding spot.

Despite the fact that the woman is an experienced rescuer, the number was simply astonishing. “I’m used to seeing dogs everywhere in Oklahoma. Having so many at once was a shock,” she remarked.

Soon later, Mitzi came to the conclusion that the puppies originated from three distinct litters, therefore Dolly was taking care of puppies who weren’t even hers . “The heroic mom had kept them safe, alone, making sure they had shelter and sheltering them from the outside,” they claimed via The Dodo.

Brogdon requested for help to accept the family of 17 members and since there were so many of them, they ended up residing in four separate shelters, where they are receiving the greatest care. Now they are waiting for them to complete their vaccine program to find them a forever home.

Although there has already been significant attention in the babies, Mitzi is a little more anxious about Dolly. “He begs adopters to consider this older girl , who is just as deserving and eager for a family,” she added from the middle.

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