The poodle that endured a harrowing car crash is now relishing her best life.

Cora the Poodle is an inspiration to many. When she was very young, she was in a terrible car accident. The crash broke her front legs, her pelvis, and her hips.

She was set to be euthanized because of these serious injuries, but when Zach Skow, the founder of Marley’s Mutts, met her, he knew she still had so much life left in her. So, he rescued her and started her medical procedures right away. Many people doubted Skow for all the time and money he spent trying to save Cora, but based on how happy the pup is today, all his efforts were clearly worth it.
Image: @MarleysMuttsDogRescue/Facebook

The Road to Recovery

Cora’s bones were so shattered that the poor little dog couldn’t even move, and an infection began to affect her bones too. She was in rough shape, but Skow refused to give up on her. He spent $10,000 on her surgery. The cost didn’t matter to him because nothing was more important than Cora’s health and wellbeing.

Image: @MarleysMuttsDogRescue/Facebook

During the surgery, both of Cora’s legs had to be amputated. First, they amputated the one leg, but they tried their best to save the second leg. Sadly, that didn’t go as planned, leaving the poor pup with only two back legs. She had a long road to recovery ahead of her, but in the end, it was all worth it!

At the beginning of her recovery process, Cora couldn’t walk. She could barely even move around. However, after 3 long months, all her injuries healed, and her true personality became clear. She learned to move, jump, and play just like any other dog. Through it all, her tail was constantly wagging. She was so happy to be alive.

Image: @MarleyMuttsDogRescue/Facebook

Cora’s New Life

Not long after her recovery, Cora got her own personal wheelchair to help her move around easier. However, she has also learned how to move around perfectly fine without it. The adorable little pup is able to walk around on her hind legs, often hopping around like a bunny. It might look a little silly to some, but to Cora, it’s completely natural.

Image: Zack Skow Facebook

Skow refers to the sweet little Poodle as ‘a bright shining source of light in darkness’. Sure enough, Cora brings happiness and positivity to every situation. Despite having a rough past and only two legs, Cora is one of the most cheerful dogs in the world. Just being around her is enough to bring joy to anyone.

“She, quite simply, is always in the moment and never allows a moment to go by without truly living it to 100 percent,” said Skow.

Image: Zach Skow Facebook

Skow often shares adorable photo and video updates of Cora on Marley’s Mutts social media. Followers adore her, and she has inspired so many people to adopt dogs in need. In every video, her tail just keeps on wagging. Every day, she’s so thankful that Skow took a chance on her to give her the life she deserves. For more adorable posts about Cora, please check out Marley’s Mutts on Facebook!

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