The salary Karim Benzema has received from Al Ittihad since moving to Saudi Arabia

Karim Benzema explained his move to Saudi Arabia, stating, “With everything I’ve achieved at Real Madrid, I felt it was the right moment for me to take on a new challenge.” The former Real Madrid forward echoed sentiments often expressed by those who made the switch to Saudi Arabia, emphasizing the appeal of the ‘project’ at Al Ittihad. However, given the substantial increase in his salary, it’s evident that financial considerations played a significant role in his decision.

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During his five months at Al Ittihad, Benzema has made nine appearances, scoring five goals and providing three assists, all in front of relatively small crowds in Jeddah. Now, let’s delve into the remarkable amount Benzema has earned since his transfer to Saudi Arabia.

Karim Benzema made a lucrative move to Saudi Arabia last summer

Karim Benzema, renowned for his lavish car collection, was already earning a substantial income at Real Madrid before his move last summer. Reports indicate that the 35-year-old was taking home £14.5 million annually, translating to just over £275,000 per week.

This figure doesn’t account for Benzema’s additional earnings from private ventures like sponsorship deals, advertising, and business endeavors. However, his new salary at Al Ittihad dwarfs his Madrid income. With a three-year contract with the Saudi club, Benzema is now earning a staggering £172 million per year, approximately £3.3 million per week.


These astronomical figures represent an almost 12-fold increase compared to his earnings in the Spanish capital, and it’s noteworthy that he isn’t even the highest earner in the Saudi Pro League. Truly remarkable.

In the little more than four months since joining Al Ittihad, Benzema has already accumulated a fortune. After spending twenty-and-a-half weeks with the Saudi Pro League team, the five-time Champions League winner has increased his already enormous earnings.

Karim Benzema

Benzema will have made just under £68 million during that time, an incredible sum for a player who has only appeared in nine games. That comes to £13.6 million per goal and £7.5 million per match.

Benzema will receive £516 million if he plays out the full three years of his contract. That amount could cover Luton Town’s current yearly salary for nearly twenty-three years.

To be involved in this ‘project’ is quite profitable for the 2022 Ballon d’Or winner.

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