The sister of Cristiano Ronaldo defends the Portuguese superstar and pokes fun at Lionel Messi following his eighth Ballon d’Or victory

After Lionel Messi won the Ballon d’Or, Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister supported the Al-Nassr star and seemed to be mocking the Argentine.

Messi took home the 2023 Golden Ball a few days ago. The Argentine superstar has owned eight Golden Balls in his career, breaking the previous record of nine in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2019 and 2021. Ronaldo, with five Golden Ball victories, is ranked second in history behind him.

Ronaldo Messi

Since 2008, Messi and Ronaldo have dominated the Ballon d’Or award for ten years. But in 2017, Ronaldo took home his fifth and last trophy, coming in second to Luka Modric in 2018. Messi won three more times in 2019; in 2021; and in 2023, while Ronaldo “stopped”.

Naturally, Messi’s victory will not be admired by Ronaldo’s supporters. For instance, a picture of Ronaldo flaunting his five Golden Balls and several honorable individual awards, like FIFA The Best, Golden Ball, and European Golden Shoe, was shared on the Instagram account @lucascr7olendario. The caption on this account also reads, “Make an effort to win, not rob,” which seems to imply that Messi is undeserving of the 2023 Golden Ball.

Katia Aveiro, Ronaldo's older sister, supported the ironic article about Messi

Ronaldo’s sister Katia Aveiro endorsed the article with five “applause” icons in the comments section. Katia Aveiro has “caused a storm” in the public’s perception before. She used to frequently react angrily on social media to defend Ronaldo whenever CR7 was involved in a scandal or something involving Messi.

Ronaldo did the same thing as his sister not too long ago. In particular, it was found that Ronaldo liked and shared four laughing emoticons with a post on social media that was critical of Lionel Messi’s 2023 Golden Ball victory.

Chị gái Ronaldo khi Messi lên đỉnh thế giới?

Journalist Tomas Roncero of the AS newspaper was at the time very critical of Messi’s 2023 Golden Ball victory. “Hello everyone, what we know has happened, they will award another Golden Ball to Messi,” he wrote on his personal Instagram. When he joined Inter Miami, it appeared as though he had retired.

He only played sporadically at PSG before that to get ready for the World Cup. Granted, Messi had to take six penalties to win the World Cup. Messi should have only had five Golden Balls, but he had eight. He stole the Golden Ball from Lewandowski in 2021, Haaland this year, and Iniesta/Xavi in 2010.

Van Dijk nhận gạch đá dư luận vì chỉ trích Ronaldo kém tài - Báo Người lao  động


Ronaldo nổi giận vì bắt gặp chị gái vụng trộm với người tình

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