The stray dog that collapsed on the lady’s porch slowly transforms into a gorgeous puppy, symbolizing hope and resilience blooming from adversity.

It’s hard being a stray animal, but it’s even harder when people go out and catch you. We would like to think that most people are friendly towards animals, but this is not always the case.

Unfortunately, a sick stray puppy was chased from the Los Angeles community by a group of people who didn’t want him to stay in Los Angeles.

Instead of seeing the dog and calling for help, locals threw rocks at it and tried to scare it away. It was a dire situation for a dog, but luckily Lisa Chiarelli stepped in to save him.

Chiarelli contacted Lisa Arturo of Big Love Animal Rescue and told her that a dog in need was being targeted by the community.

Unfortunately, when Arturo came to look for the dog, he was nowhere to be seen. Rescuers asked Chiarelli to leave a blanket on her porch in the hope the dog would find it, The Dodo reported.

The next day, they found the dog sleeping on the blanket, just as they had hoped. He can no longer walk because he is so ill that he is tied up. He has given up, but help has come.

Rescuers knew immediately he needed to go to the vet. He had a skin infection and an eye infection. After examination, it was determined that he would not survive for two or three days. His blood tests are a mess and he needs a lot of medication and care to recover!

Fortunately, he was well cared for. His fur gradually started to grow back and the scabs disappeared. He gained weight and gradually came out of his shell.

Once ready and healthy, the adorable dog was adopted and a loving couple was soon found to take him home. While it took him a while to get comfortable and safe, he’s a big moron now! He loves his dog brother and his parents and has a big garden for himself.

Check out the video below:

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