The tears shed by an 8-month-old puppy stirred my heart, uncovering profound sadness and evoking a deep sense of empathy.

This is pea! He is only 8 months old and weighs 2.1 kg. He was attacked by large dogs. The big dogs broke his spine, he was completely paralyzed.

Peas’ which the previous owner took to the local clinic but they were not treated there. The bites on his back, the wound is infected and his illness worsened. His owner even left him at the clinic.

According to The Penguin, a clinic worker at a small veterinary clinic in Moscow requested an ambulance. They went to the vet and he was terrible pain.

Emergency surgery was performed and after that Pea was treated at the vet.

Just few days after, Pea felt a little better, he eats more and sleep better.

Pea is a very friendly and intelligent boy and with the good care, Pea is improving day by day. He turns out to be a cheerful little boy.

Pea can walk all day with two front legs. Pea is comfortable in her new wheelchair…

Thank you so much for everything. He blessed Pea, thank God. dearest pea!

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