The tiny puppy, lying alone and weeping without strength, after being abandoned on a hill at night.

The Little Puppy Lying & Crying Alone Without Strength After Being Abandoned On a Hill At Night

This 20-day-old puppy was abandoned on a mountainside near Chanis, Panama, with little strength.

With flies, lice, fleas, and many sores on her body…till they found her, her health is serious, she doesn’t move much, breathes hardely , and always closes her eyes…

She spent the whole day at Veterinary Paws & Footprints of Chanis, where she was checked every 2 hours. The small child, who weighs just 0.66 kg (1.45 lbs), is required to take several injectable drugs every few hours.

Because she couldn’t eat, her blood sugar fell again, necessitating yet another blood transfusion.. It’s a painful procedure, particularly for a little child. It’s awful to hear her “weeping” voice in the middle of the night…

However, the veterinarian advised her to repeat the procedure many times since her anemia did not improve despite proper nourishment.

Even with blood transfusions, her hematocrit number does not raise, indicating that she is not regenerating on her own.

The following day, her hemoglobin level increased from 3.0 to 4.5 as a result of the transfusion. Her platelets increased from 28 to 84, and her hematocrit increased from 12 to 16, allowing baby Amor to leave the hospital.

After two days at their care, Baby Amor has calmed down and ceased sobbing at night. She is still hospitalized every morning during which she is observed and monitored.

In the afternoon, their volunteers begin to play with her, which may make her feel loved and is beneficial to her mental health.

Amor began to eat Proplan canned puppy food a week later, not much, but her appetite increased. She is also given water and malt extract, a dietary supplement with a high iron level, every 2 hours.

Her heart’s strength is greater than her body’s. Wounds begin to heal, causing an itching sensation with the bandage. The tiny girl does not give up; she has struggled against all obstacles and continues to stand, pleading with life for another opportunity.

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