Two fluffy dogs, abandoned yet miraculously still alive, were discovered.

The injustices suffered by greyhounds seem to continue, because after the hunting season is over, the creatures are discarded as if they were a bag.
Two fluffy dogs that had been abandoned but were still alive were found.

On this occasion, it was the Local Police of San Juan del Puerto, a Spanish municipality in Huelva (Andalusia), who informed the Civil Guard about two dogs abandoned at 55 kilometers of A472.

The officers decided to rescue them and requested help from an organization that could take responsibility for the little ones and provide them with the necessary care.

Fortunately, the Puntanimals collective from Punta Umbría responded almost immediately and prevented the dogs from spending a long time in the Huelva kennel.

The greyhounds have been baptized as Aura and Nirvana, and as soon as they were picked up by the protectionists, they were transferred to a veterinary clinic for evaluation.

“Nirvana (clarita) weighs 13,300 kg and Aura (tabby) weighs 14 kg. They have been tested for diseases and both are negative for leishmania, filaria, erlichia and anplasma. Biochemical tests have also been done on them, both present a picture of malnutrition and anemia,” the group wrote on their Facebook page.

The state of these female dogs is truly unfortunate and they are still kept with lines in place to receive serum and keep them hydrated.

Both Aura and Nirvana have diarrhea and this further complicates their recovery, especially Aura’s, who is in the worst condition of the two.

As unfortunate as these types of finds sound, they seem increasingly common as hunting season ends. For this reason, the protectionists insist on the promulgation of a law that definitively ends this practice, but there are still many interests involved and the lives of these puppies do not seem to matter.

Only protectionist groups continue in a battle to denounce and expose the ravages of this practice.

“Coinciding with the end of the hunting season, thousands of greyhounds are appearing abandoned on the streets, in kennels where they are delivered for their subsequent sacrifice and the fate of many others is certain death,” says the president of the Greyhound Animal Protection of the South, Patricia Almansa.

Puntanimals is a non-profit organization that works thanks to the donations of generous hearts. In the case of Aura and Nirvana, the  Delmocán Pet Food Nutrition company has sponsored them with donations for their food, however these little ones also generate medical expenses that must be paid.

For now, the organization has indicated that neither Aura nor Nirvana are up for adoption, the main thing right now is to get these puppies to recover and once healthy they will be ready to start a new life.

Please share this note and help us report this incident, it is essential that these outrages spread widely for the authorities to stop these atrocities now!

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