With desperation in his eyes, the male dog implored passersby to assist his mate, fearing the possibility of losing her.

The male dog, sitting silently and watching his companion depart, wept and begged for aid.

Dogs are such emotionally aware and sympathetic animals. They are able to form sincere bonds with other canines and look out for them in times of need.

No one stops to assist the dog, but her male buddy watches her, obviously worried.

This is seen in a widely shared video: a dog stays by her side the entire time after her closest buddy is hurt.

An wounded stray dog in Azerbaijan was struck by a car and is lying on the ground, as shown in a video posted by the Pets In Love YouTube channel.

Finally, a bystander comes to the rescue. The male dog accepts his offer of a shirt and covers his injured companion with it. A bystander called for aid, and they waited for assistance.

After gaining the trust of both dogs, the rescue team takes them to the veterinarian when they arrive. The male canine stays in the room and doesn’t take his eyes off of his companion while the wounded female gets medical assistance.

The dogs, who were now called Max and Ruby, were kept in the same room together until Ruby healed. One month later, much to the relief of her lover Max, Ruby started walking again.

According to Pets In Love, Max and Ruby had a happy ending after being adopted and are cohabiting in the US, “living a wonderful and happy life!”

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