Canine Siblings Eagerly Await New Baby Brother’s Arrival, Demonstrating Remarkable Patience for 9 Months


This was what a pair of beautiful weimaraner breed puppies demonstrated . It’s about Brego and Nami , who have shared every important moment in the lives of their human parents , from their wedding day to the arrival of their first little brother.

Shortly after getting married, this couple living in Barcelona, ​​Spain, entrusted their first baby to the stork . They loved him from the first moment and waited patiently for him, as did her loving puppies.

Brego and Nami followed each month of the baby’s growth together with his human mother

So that their little brother-in-training always felt loved and protected, Brego and Nami made sure to cover their mother’s belly with the purest kisses and also to give her shelter by protecting it with their soft fur.

The months passed and mom’s tummy kept growing until the big day came. At last her beautiful little brother was born to her, weighing just over two kilograms of pure tenderness. The little one was ready to go home, but his family made sure Brego and Nami received him as safely as possible .

Before they met, the couple familiarized their puppies with their baby’s scent through a blanket they had brought from the hospital. Brego and Nami sniffed and identified the scent of his brother, immediately getting used to it.

As soon as they had him by their side, the dogs became their best blanket, pillow and support; always being ready to take care of it.