Touching friendship between a blind dog and a cat who together find a home that will take care of them

These two furry friends are a living testament to the power of friendship and resilience.

Contrary to the age-old saying “fighting like cats and dogs,” this unique duo, Spike and Max, exemplifies the strength of collaboration, teamwork, and an unbreakable bond. Spike, an 8-year-old mixed breed dog who has lost his eyes, found solace and companionship in Max, his feline counterpart of the same age. The devoted pair was surrendered by their previous family to Saving Grace Animal Society, an animal shelter in Alberta, Canada.

Amanda McClughan, a representative from the shelter, shared with CBC News that Spike and Max had spent much of their lives outdoors, and their deep connection likely formed as they cuddled together for warmth. Spike had to have his eyes removed due to severe cataracts. Max, on the other hand, plays the role of a “support cat” rather than simply following Spike around.

According to McClughan, Max provides a sense of comfort and support to Spike through their proximity. Max’s presence allows Spike to rely on his sense of smell and touch, helping to alleviate his anxiety and tension.


On February 9, the shelter showcased Spike and Max on their Facebook page, aiming to find them a permanent home together. Describing Spike as a cheerful and lively companion who loves life, the post emphasized his preference for having a lap nearby to rest his head. Max, in contrast, acts as the constant presence in Spike’s life, and their inseparability is crucial. The shelter noted that Max’s vibrant personality guarantees laughter and entertainment for their new family.

The heartwarming post garnered thousands of likes and shares, and within just 11 days, Spike and Max found their new forever home. Saving Grace Animal Charity provided an update to assure everyone that the duo had been adopted together and were en route to their new residence in Manitoba.

The story of Spike and Max serves as a beautiful reminder of the importance of companionship, loyalty, and the healing power of friendship. Despite their differences, these two furry pals rely on each other for support and bring joy to those around them. Their journey to a new home exemplifies the compassion and kindness within the animal welfare community and inspires others to consider the immeasurable value of adopting animal pairs in need of a loving family.